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Look into an Enchanted Winter Forest

Though the Manor House is closed to the public now until the end of February the team is in full swing planning the latest Winter installation inside the house.

The Enchanted Winter Forest installation that will be viewed through the windows of the Manor House will go live from Monday 9th January 2023 with the lights on from 4pm until 10pm each day.

‘We have been so delighted by the response from the community and local businesses to help us create the 3 scenes of the Enchanted Forest’, said Sarah Thomas, Chair of the Manor House.

We have had artificial trees donated by the pubic and Tesco. Moss and Moor, All Saints Ilkley and Jigsaw are all lending us their display trees too and wire sculpture artist, Chris Moss is providing some of the animals for the ‘Night in the Forest’ scene.

A thank you also goes to Ilkley BID who have allowed us to approach PEEL Interactive Entertainment group to adapt one of the augmented animated trails so that we can have Rombald’s giant visiting the Manor House. Ilkley Playhouse has also very kindly loaned us some fur coats for the ‘Nod to Narnia’ scene.

We will start installing the installation immediately after Christmas and we will post updates on the social media platforms as the scenes start to emerge. We hope everyone will enjoy the scenes that are being created.


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