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Meeting to discuss Ilkley’s bathing status award

The Ilkley Clean River Group is to hold its first open public meeting since DEFRA awarded Bathing Status in December.

The online meeting is to bring the Town together to discuss the plans for improving the water quality at Ilkley and find out how the Agencies are planning to clean up the river.

Items to be discussed at the meeting on Wednesday 10 March at 5pm include:

1. The proposals for cleaning up the river at Ilkley - specifically the impact of the new partnership announced by Yorkshire Water and Bradford Council.

2. The implications of securing designated Bathing Status for Ilkley - how the agencies are responding.

3. The results of the whole river testing and what that means for cleaning up the whole river Wharfe.

4. The impact of new legislation.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We have invited Ilkley MP Robbie Moore, the Ilkley Town Mayor Cllr Mark Stidworthy, Bradford Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, the Environment Agency’s Area Environment Manager Martin Christmas, and from Yorkshire Water, Richard Emmott Dir Corporate Affairs, to share and explain their proposals for cleaning up the river.”

Ilkley Clean River Group plan to ask for questions in advance as well as on the day.

The meeting will start at 5pm on 10 March, there will be a short break at 6.30pm followed by the Ilkley Clean River Group AGM

Residents are asked to register for the meeting via in order to be given the Zoom link to join.

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