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Nell Bank takes delivery of a new accessible vehicle

Children with disabilities are being given a helping hand to explore Nell Bank outdoor education centre, thanks to the delivery of a new, fully electric and wheelchair accessible vehicle.

The new vehicle was funded by the Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding and will ensure that children and young people, irrespective of any disability, can participate in a wide range activities at the centre on the outskirts of Ilkley.

Dan Goodey, Head of Centre at Nell Bank said: “This new vehicle will be enjoyed by so many of the children that visit us, whether it’s a wheelchair user navigating our orienteering course from the passenger seat or children with learning disabilities enjoying the sensory experience of a tour of the site, this new vehicle will ensure our offer is as inclusive as it can possibly be.”

John Hutchinson from the Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding said: “We are delighted to be able to fund this new fully electric vehicle to help Nell Bank ensure all children can access the programmes and activities they offer. The quiet and clean vehicle will be perfect for the children as they explore the wonderful Nell Bank site and learn about the environment.”

The Nell Bank Charitable Trust took over the running of the Nell Bank Centre from Bradford council in March 2022 and the support of local organisations such as the Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding is of huge importance to centre’s Trustees.

Richard Bourdon, Chair of the Nell Bank Charitable Trust added: “We are incredibly grateful for such a generous donation from the Freemasons of Yorkshire West Riding. This fantastic new vehicle will enable the trust to continue to ensure the centre is accessible to all children. As we grow as a fully Independent Charity we are incredibly grateful for the support of the Freemasons”

For further information about Nell Bank please visit the website


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