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New ‘at home’ wellness spa experience launched in Ilkley

Ilkley businessman, Paul Wintersgill, was inspired by doing things that make a material difference to people’s lives and started an 'at home' spa experience.

Ghyllstone was launched in 2020 as a counter to the physical and mental effects of today’s busy lifestyles.

Having experienced the restorative powers that warm water can have, the company was set up

to improve people’s wellbeing, centred around the use of a sensory spa tub, rented to use in

your own garden.

Paul explains, “For me, wellbeing is everything. We all need time to unwind, relax and recharge

from the mental and physical stresses of everyday life. If you don’t find a balance, it’s all too

easy for life to feel out of kilter. I truly believe we’re in an era where people need to find time for

themselves more than ever before.

“Our goal is to make the experience both calming and multi-sensory, so we work with local

wellbeing experts and practitioners to provide a series of packages using professional

complementary services to use alongside the tub, including massage and physiotherapy.

“Our multi-sensory spas can be set up anywhere where there’s sufficient outside space, creating

a relaxing, ambient environment under the sun or stars. There’s no better feeling than getting

closer to nature. Hydrotherapy also offers a host of benefits - from helping to speed up muscle

and joint recovery after sporting activity to stimulating the heart and circulation; it even helps you

sleep better.

“As well as using local suppliers, we are committed to supporting our local community in Ilkley.

Wellness is for all, and we continually look for ways to help members of our community who

might not otherwise be in a position to benefit from our services. If you would like to help or join

our circle of friends and suppliers, I’d love to hear from you.”

For further information or to contact Paul visit the website


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