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New campaign to prevent burglaries

Neighbourhood Watch has launched a campaign in a bid to prevent an expected rise in the number of burglaries post-lockdown.

The Safety in Neighbours campaign is targeted at the younger generation and pushes the idea 'Life’s safer when you know your neighbours' and 'With more people looking out for unusual behaviour on your street, burglaries can be prevented.'

Run in partnership with the Home Office, the campaign aims to warn Neighbourhood Watch members, and non-members alike, and provide practical tools to prevent burglary.

#SafetyinNeighbours encourages people to use a combination of security measures in the home. Those with window locks, Indoor lights on a timer, door double or deadlocks and external lights on a timer or sensor - are nearly 50 times more protected from burglary than those with no security say Neighbourhood Watch.

Further details can be found at

Share the campaign using #SafetyinNeighbours.


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