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New children's bins for Ilkley playground

Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks secured funding from The Rotary Club of Ilkley Wharfedale, Bradford Council and the NHS backed ABCD Community Asset Fund to get new Children’s’ Litter Bins installed in the Playground at Riverside Memorial Gardens in Ilkley

“We hope the children’s bins will help to encourage good habits amongst the younger children who come to the Playground. Feeding the Frog and the Bears will hopefully be fun for them and they, with the help of their parents, will fill them up with any wrappings from sweets or picnic packaging they may have brought with them”, said FOIRP Chair, Ed Duguid

“We also hope that after a period of time the Council will feel confident of removing at least one of the high capacity litter bins currently in the Playground and placing it elsewhere in the Park. This will serve to increase the bin capacity in the Park as a whole which is often under pressure when the good summer days are upon us and of course the Bank Holiday weekends. There will be new signage going up in the Park shortly which will encourage visitors to use the bins and to take home any litter if the bins are full”.

“Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks carry out regular Litter Picks in the Park as part of their twice weekly Work Groups throughout the year, aimed at maintaining the Park areas and improving the way the Park looks.”

If you are interested joining FOIRP or volunteering, please contact the Chair of FOIRP at: or you can find Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks information on their Facebook page.

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