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New exhibition from talented local artists

A new exhibition - Current Practice - opens on Saturday April 23 in the Solar Gallery at Ilkley’s Manor House and showcases the artists’ most up to date work.

The Gallery is housed in a beautiful room upstairs in the historic House which is increasingly gaining recognition as the centre of an exciting artistic and cultural hub in the town centre.

“Current Practice is a glimpse into the creative mindset of our collective of talented local artists,” said artist Helen Brayshaw, one of the management committee members.

More than 20 mainly local artists comprise the Solar Gallery co-operative with their work covering a wide range of skills; from ceramics and wood and copper work, to jewellery, textiles, mixed media, print and painting. There is always a range of handmade cards, books and small gifts to tempt as well.

Whilst some artists have used lockdown to consolidate their current practice, others have been exploring new directions. Work on show will include a new range of ceramics from Howard Gardiner, a former lecturer from Leeds. He looks to ancient ceramics to explore how they were traditionally made before creating his own interpretations.

Louise Hepworth-Wood predominantly works in acrylic and oil and is currently focussing on the movement and linear aspect of trees within a landscape. Liz Pollard is influenced by life drawings and a return to expressive mark-making based on the human figure using mono print and collage. Painter Jackie Waring will be showing still life oil paintings of her oil paints which she describes as “active participants” in her practice.

This exhibition runs until July 24 and is open at the same time as the Manor House, 11am-4pm on Saturday and Sundays.

The Manor House and courtyard itself hosts a variety of events and its programme can be found on


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