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Olicana Historical Society autumn programme

The Olicana Historical Society's first meeting of the autumn term programme 2021 is on Thursday 16 September from 7.30pm at Christchurch on The Grove in Ilkley.

Reformation and Resistance in 16th Century Yorkshire by Dr. Helen Frisby, a lecturer at Bristol University and a non-fiction writer.

It's the 6th May Pickles Memorial Lecture and is an open meeting with free entry.

Full winter programme:

16th Sep 2021 Helen Frisby - Reformation & Resistance in 16th century Yorkshire 21st Oct 2021 Chris Atkinson - Survey in Middleton Woods 18th Nov 2021 Andy Swinscoe - The History of Farm Cheese in Britain 16th Dec 2021 Shirley Wise - Otley’s Teutonic Links 20th Jan 2022 Mark Woronowski - Leats, Mines and Mills: & Shirley Everet Lead and Coal Mining in Upper Wharfedale 17th Feb 2022 Ken Cothlif - Yeadon - Above and Beyond 17th Mar 2022 Granville Dobson Old Flames - Firing Steam Locomotives across the Pennines (TBC) 21st Apr [AGM] David Johnson - New light on the 'Dark Ages' in North Craven


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