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Proclamations of King Charles III made in Ilkley

Ilkley Mayor, Cllr Mark Stidworthy, Deputy Lieutenant Suzanne Watson and the Reverend Mike Coe

A ceremonies took place in Ilkley on Sunday afternoon to formally proclaim Charles III as the new King.

The proclamation of the King's accession to the throne was made at 3pm at the Cenotaph in the Memorial Gardens, with the formal announcement made by the Mayor of Ilkley Councillor Mark Stidworthy in the presence of the Deputy Lieutenant of West Yorkshire Suzanne Watson and civic dignitaries.

Councillor Stidworthy said: "The Town Council was honoured to be able to organise this Proclamation ceremony for the people of Ilkley. Many residents of Ilkley have a very deep attachment to Her Majesty The Queen. Her enduring duty to the nation and longevity on the throne ensured she was a Head of State to whom people could look with confidence at moments of tragedy and celebration alike.

"The Proclamation allowed our town a moment of reflection and prayer to acknowledge the sad passing of a much-loved Monarch, and an opportunity to look forwards as townsfolk cheered the Accession of our new King, Charles III. As the Proclamation reads, we hope His Majesty will be blessed with long and happy years to reign over us. I would like to thank Deputy Lieutenant Suzanne Watson and the Reverend Mike Coe, along with Town Council staff and others, for enabling Ilkley to experience this historic event which was valued by the many residents that attended."

Photo credit: Deputy Lieutenant Suzanne Watson


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