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Rail Station improvements on the agenda in Ilkley

Ilkley's Member of Parliament, Robbie Moore has met with volunteers from Friends of Ilkley Rail Station (FOIRS) alongside representatives from Network Rail to discuss the required maintenance work and future improvement plans of Ilkley Rail Station.

FOIRS, established in September 2021 by a group of local volunteers, which includes the Towns MP in its membership has created a blueprint for what they envision as ‘the best destination Rail Station in the UK.’

The group previously commissioned a comprehensive vision report, kindly funded by Halliday Clark Architects, which highlighted the station's current inadequacies and identified areas for potential improvement.

On a walk-around of the site, participants at the meeting identified a number of maintenance fixes which could be carried out at the station over the coming months to enhance the station's appearance and functionality, with Mr Moore saying the quick fixes “need to take place with urgency”.

Some of the quick fixes agreed upon included clearing out the shallow gutters, repairing the station fencing, painting and repairing the station footbridge, enhancing the garden areas near the footbridge and removing the station’s old, rusting cycle racks, which are not currently in use.

Longer term aspirations for the station include improving the connectivity with the bus terminal, better town information boards and providing toilets.

Commenting after the meeting, Robbie Moore MP said: "As always, it was a pleasure to meet with Friends of Ilkley Rail Station again and with representatives from Network Rail to discuss both the short term and longer term improvement plans for Ilkley Rail Station.

Ilkley station is a crucial gateway to our town, and it's vital that we address the areas of concern regarding immediate repair and maintenance work promptly, and after securing commitment from Network Rail in our meeting, I look forward to the maintenance work getting done before summer is finished.

We also used our meeting as a further opportunity to continue to push for our longer term aspirations such as securing toilets, and better signage which promotes Ilkley’s fantastic offering.

I would once again like to commend the volunteers at FOIRS for their dedication to creating a thriving and vibrant station that benefits the entire community."


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