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School raises awareness of Mental Health

Westville House School in Ilkley had a phenomenal week raising awareness during National Mental Health Week 2022.

The Mental Health Foundation state: "Finding the connections to ourselves, others, and the world around us, is fundamental to protecting our Mental Health".

During the week beginning the 9th May, Westville House School embraced Mental Health Week by firstly finding the connection to ourselves, with each class receiving a yoga lesson from a specialist primary school yoga school. In the lovely weather that week, every class was able to enjoy the yoga outside, connecting also to nature! Children and staff alike relaxed and exercised, learning breathing and calming techniques with specialist toys and equipment.

PSHCE lessons were used by staff, using a variety of Mental Health ppts to introduce the Mental Health Week. The children then enjoyed making a variety of green-themed friendship bracelets, from sparkly jewelled green bracelets in KS1, to plaited green wool bracelets with green bead decorations in KS2. The children were also given the opportunity to draw, paint and be creative, another fantastic way to connect to ourselves and promote good mental health.

The newly created Secret Garden and allotment were accessed by each class, with every child planting a sunflower, and all invited to help weed, water and plant seeds in our school garden. We have all become increasingly aware of the health benefits of green spaces and this is an area of school life that will be promoted throughout the year.

The children also participated in a "Wear it Green" day, during which they were encouraged to dress down and wear any item of green they could find, in a wave of support for promoting good mental health. Assemblies were attended in which "loneliness" and helping others was the theme. This was one of the ways we endeavoured to find connections with others, and take care of their mental health also.

Miss Bleakley who coordinated the week commented; "We hope our Mental Health Week helped to make big steps towards raising awareness of the importance of Mental Health among children, parents and staff, and developed friendship and kindness throughout our school and community."

Photos and videos of the events and activities which took place can be found on the Westville House School social media channels.


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