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Share your Ilkley cafe memories

Ilkley's past cafes will be the subject of the online Ilkley History Hub, 3pm on Saturday 25 September.

A spokesperson for the history hub said: "Ilkley has a long tradition of visitors coming to enjoy the beautiful, healthy surroundings of moors, riverside and to visit the pleasant streets with shops and cafes.

Do share your memories of the cafes and the activities there.

Did you go to the Bluebird Cafe or Taylors Tearooms/Betty's on The Grove?

Which was your favourite cafe on Wells Road?

Did your family and friends meet in cafes on Brook street, Cunliffe Road or Leeds Road?

Do you remember the pavilion cafe on the moors near White Wells?"

To sign up to the Zoom meeting or if you have memories to share email:


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