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Struggling families supported again this Easter

From knitted chicks to homemade biscuits and cakes, Easter food parcels have been delivered to 150 local families in need from Ilkley Great Get Together volunteers.

Becky Malby from Ilkley Great Get Together said: "We had brilliant support from Mackinzies farm shop, Loafer Bakery, Tesco, Booths, The Foodbank, Sacred Heart (easter biscuit baking competition) and of course the schools for distributing,

"A huge shout out for IGS who create space for masses of food and boxes to be delivered, sorted and stored and who host the distribution).

"Finally thank you Ilkley Town Council for funding this vital support.

"Sadly the schools are reporting an increase in need, but we are finding it harder and harder to get support, so thank you for making an effort. The messages from families today have been amazing, you have all made a huge difference."


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