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Struggling families supported again this Easter

From knitted chicks to homemade biscuits and cakes, Easter food parcels have been packed for 150 local families on free school meals at Easter from Ilkley Great Get Together (IGGT) volunteers.

Becky Malby of Ilkley Great Get Together said: “But we couldn’t do it without the amazing donations from Ilkley residents, businesses and charities.

“This Easter Sacred Heart School ran a homemade biscuit competition to provide treats for the parcels, the winning bakers were Emma, Hattie, Finlay, Joseph and Grace.

“Loafer Baker (what an amazing team) made hot cross buns for every family; Soroptomists, Clevedon House knitters, and Ilkley Scrubs knitters provided 200 knitted chicks.

“and we had amazing donations from Ilkley folk who baked and bought biscuits, Easter eggs and cakes. Tesco provide boxes. Morrisons provides food.”

Becky added: “The foodbank helps with store cupboard food - although they are struggling to keep up with regular demand now so please keep donating.”

Thirty volunteers collected and packed the parcels. Ilkley Grammar School hosting the packing and local schools making all the parcels get to families in need.

Thanks to grants from Bradford Council (£7,280) and Ilkley Town Council (£3640) IGGT have been able to provide food parcels and vouchers at Christmas, February half term and Easter.


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