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Summer Of Fun activities reduced

The regular Summer Of Fun organised by the Ilkley Youth and Community Association will be reduced this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Events would normally include free supervised play activities at the Riverside and sessions at Clip ‘n’ Climb in the town.

Martin Smith, IYCA Chairman, explains: “Having held a meeting with the senior youth worker on the 30 July it is clear we cannot run our usual Summer of fun programme due to government advise at the moment.”

“We do intend to run the programme when we are allowed to but in the meantime activity needs to happen during the early part of August with our usual activities on the Riverside and Clip ‘n Climb if permissions allow.”

The youth service will meet and support its existing users by additional street meetings, educational and public health advice. The Youth service can only run these in groups of three or four safely but it is more expensive than within their usual number of 15-25 at group sessions.


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