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Thursday Club restarts next week

Held weekly on Ilkley’s Winter Garden balcony, the Thursday Club is to recommence on 11th January 2024.

Anne Hawkesworth said: “After a great Christmas Thursday club with a superb performance by the Yukes, we have taken a break for a few weeks, but will return on the 11th.

“Although the initial and primary reason for starting the club was to provide warm space, the Club has been great for encouraging residents down the valley to come and meet, chat and make new friends. It is proving a wonderful resource for those feeling the effect of isolation since lockdown.

“The key is anyone is welcome and I hope we will continue to increase its attendance. All ages and even dog walkers.“

The Thursday Club is held on the balcony of the Winter Garden, next to King’s Hall, in Ilkley between 10am and 12.30pm, a lift is available.


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