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Town Council objects to radio mast installation

Proposed communications mast site on corner of Grove Road and Wilton Road

Ilkley Town Council have been approached by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd as part of their pre planning consultation relating to the proposed installation of a radio base station on land at the corner of Grove Road and Wilton Road.

The installation would provide 3G, 4G and 5G technologies to the Ilkley area and consists of a slim-line monopole, up to 20m in height, and three associated grey cabinets.

Planning Committee Chair Cllr Ros Brown says “We have written to CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd to express our objection in the strongest possible terms to the erection of the proposed radio base at this location. This is a pleasant area of land that is valued, used and cared for by the local community throughout the year. The erection of the mast and cabinets would result in the loss of this amenity.”

"The proposals and drawings provided show the installation to be obtrusive within this Conservation Area location. The company have said the cabinets are ‘designed to appear like other statutory undertakers equipment cabinets’ and are ‘small for telecommunications apparatus’ however there are no specific dimensions provided with the cabinet proposals for consideration.

"We are requesting that a consultation is undertaken with all residents surrounding the land and that the ownership of the land, and any historical covenants on its use, are ascertained before any further progress is made with this application. We would also ask the placement in this current position be reconsidered and alternative less obtrusive locations identified."


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