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Two Rivers Band Virtual Concert raises over £1,000 for charity in 24 hours

Our local Two Rivers Bands were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to their on-line Virtual Spring Concert, which was released on YouTube at 8pm on Saturday night, 9th May. Within the first 24 hours, the concert had been viewed 335 times and raised a total of £1,009.24 (including Gift Aid) for the Alzheimer's Society.

They created the concert as part of the nationwide 2.6 Challenge to help save the UK's charities. In less than a week 29 band members submitted video recordings of themselves playing or singing a short piece of their choice. These performances were turned into a concert film lasting 70 minutes.

Recordings were made in bedrooms, hallways, studies and sitting rooms; and outside in gardens, in the street and in a garden shed. A recording even came from Corsica where one band member is in lockdown. Pieces ranged from part of Mozart's 4th Horn Concerto to Annie's Song played on the penny whistle.

One donor commented " Stunning performance, really uplifting, and for such a good cause". Another remarked " Greatly enjoyed the effort put in by everybody...The show was very relaxing after just watching The Darkest Hour film on TV!"

Viewers from as far away as The Netherlands and Italy sent positive feedback.

Two Rivers Bands Chair, Les Goldman said:

"Our concert showed the huge range of talent among our band members. But what shone through most was their enthusiasm and love of music. We've been completely blown away by the response. To raise more than £1,000 for the Alzheimer's Society in 24 hours is an amazing achievement. These are very tough times for everyone. It's great to feel that we've managed to lift people's spirits."

The concert is still available for anyone to watch on YouTube. You can find the link to it on the Two Rivers Bands website


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