Veganism talk to provide plenty of ‘food for thought’

The number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled since 2014 and even those of us who are not vegan are choosing to eat less meat and dairy, in part because of concerns about climate change and the environment. But should we all go vegan to save the world?

This is the focus for an upcoming online event to be hosted by Climate Action Ilkley featuring two contrasting views on the topic.

One of those speaking, Mike Daw, said: “Eating meat and dairy is not only bad for the planet – it’s bad for our health too. It could even increase the likelihood of future pandemics because of how viruses jump from wildlife to livestock to humans.”

Presenting a somewhat different angle, Steve Peel doesn’t believe this means we all need to go vegan: “We definitely need to cut down on our meat and dairy - a lot. But livestock are an important