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Volunteer musicians wanted for lock down initiative

Les with wife Vera

Musicians Coronavirus Action Ilkley care home entertainment initiative.

Do you sing or play an instrument either solo or in a small group based in the Ilkley area?

Our local Care Homes are facing many difficult challenges as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic. Would you or your group be interested in finding safe ways to perform and help vulnerable people during lockdown? This is one example of where local musicians can help.

Les Goldman the Chair of Two Rivers Bands explains

“We are looking for amateur volunteer musicians to visit Care Homes and perform outdoors, weather permitting, either solo or in small groups to entertain residents for around 40 minutes at a time. Performers need to keep a safe distance both from each other and from their audience of course, but guidelines now suggest that groups of up to six people can perform.

This is an emergency and temporary response to a reported serious need in Care Homes caused by the coronavirus crisis and is in no way attempting to compete with professional entertainers.

We need a wide variety of music and lots of enthusiasm. So whether you are a solo singer or saxophonist, a ukulele group or a barbershop quartet or any other sort of small musical combo your input will be welcome.

There are already quite a few performers of all ages helping with the scheme. We have accordions, singers, guitars, cellos, violins, lots of wind instruments and even a harp. But with more care homes getting involved each week, we need a bigger pool of musicians to help spread the workload and keep all the available performance slots filled.”

Feedback from all the Care Homes has been very positive.

“My heartfelt thanks to the musicians. They have been very much appreciated at Abbeydale. In fact, they have had so much going on there the last couple of weeks my centenarian Mum seems livelier than ever. I am so grateful to see that”

A Troutbeck member of staff said "Today was a fantastic success, it was our first entertainment since lockdown and was very well received, our residents thoroughly enjoyed it"

Riverview reported “Honestly the day went amazing, we had great feedback from the residents"

Chesterton Court said “We are so grateful for giving us a great afternoon today and a big thank you for entertaining us and giving our homeowners a break from all worries. All of us here enjoyed the relaxing saxophone music and look forward to welcome more musicians”

Les has agreed to help coordinate and develop this initiative on behalf of the Ilkley Corona Response Group. If you or your group would like to participate or would like more information please email

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