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Westville pupils excel in worldwide Mathematics Challenge

Evie S and Eddie P

The Primary Mathematics Challenge attracted 57,000 children around the world including pupils from Westville House School in Ilkley.

Children who scored 20 or more out of 25 secured a place in the next stage; the bonus round. Evie S and Eddie P year 6 pupils at Westville House both qualified.

Mr O'Doherty, Deputy Head and Specialist Maths teacher comments; "Our children absolutely love this challenge because it really tests their reasoning and problem solving abilities. We take all our tuition seriously at Westville, we provide specialist subject teachers to ensure that enthusiasm and expertise is passed to the pupils during these crucial years in their education.

"We are top of the league in our area in the Times Tables Rockstars platform, we achieve amazing results and the children thrive on being able to push ahead and set their own goals. We have a large proportion of children working well above their age related expectations, and not just by 1 or 2 years! Isla taking her GCSE Maths was a brilliant achievement but seeing all children make exceptional progress from wherever they start is extremely rewarding."

Evie S and Eddie P qualified in the first challenge and extraordinarily both pupils went on to become Bonus Round Award Winners; Eddie achieved silver, Evie achieved gold.

Mrs Hammond Headteacher; 'Only 935 children achieved silver and just 400 children were awarded gold out of the original 57,000 across the world - truly remarkable. Huge congratulations to Evie and Eddie! I couldn't be prouder of our children and teaching team who all work so hard to ensure each child has truly remarkable opportunities throughout their Westville journey."


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