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Winter Garden 'Thursday Club' to recommence in September

Set up as a Warm Space in 2022, the Thursday Club at the Winter Garden in Ilkley is to recommence on 7th September between 10am and 12.30pm.

District Councillor Anne Hawkesworth, who idea it was in response to the cost of living crisis, said: "We decided to have a Summer recess during holiday period, this enabled volunteers to have a break as the club wasn't needed due to the better weather.

"The club has developed to more than just a warm space, now very much into a meeting arena where companionship was its prime provider.

"I am very conscious of the isolation produced through lockdown and happy that the club at Winter Garden has helped to bring people together, particularly singles. Also during Winter it’s not quite as congenial sitting around bandstand as during Summer."

Tesco have reaffirmed their support by promising to provide newspapers once more and it's hoped that the first session will have a little live music.

Anne added: " I do hope last years regular members will come along to this Winters Thursday Club.

"Also a huge thankyou to Bradford Theatres and The Friends of King's Hall and Winter Garden."


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