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Work starts to get Ilkley fountain working again

Improving Ilkley are carrying a feasibility study to find out if it can get Brook Street Fountain working again in time for the Queen's Jubilee Celebrations in June next year.

Work started a week ago to establish the actual state of the structure and estimate a cost for carrying out the work. Improving Ilkley is now almost ready for a professional assessment to be undertaken by an aquatics expert. The central stack must be removed to complete this task and this should take place before Christmas.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “We have found out that the font (bowl) is in reasonable condition but will require fibre-glassing to be sure it holds water. The existing concrete/stone effect fountain structure is however in very poor condition, it is crumbling away and it is unlikely to survive much longer in any scenario. It must be replaced.

“If nothing else, Improving Ilkley will replace the existing structure with a similar non-functioning one in better condition, but, I know we are all hopeful that we can replace it with something better, that actually functions as a fountain in the New Year.“

The investigation and subsequent building work is being funded by public donation. If you wish to help please text IMPROVINGILKLEY to 70085 to donate £10. Donations can be made via Paypal:, JustGiving and in person (cash or cheque) at the collection boxes at La Stazione or Alpkit in the Station Plaza.

Improving Ilkley was incorporated to identify, fund and deliver projects that enhance, preserve and benefit Ilkley and Ben Rhydding – working in conjunction with key community stakeholders and the council by consensus and consultation. The group have already refurbished two of the three flower beds outside the Station Plaza, with plans for the third well underway.


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