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Scout youth husting in Keighley and Ilkley constituency

Believed to be the first local Youth husting in the Keighley and Ilkley constituency, last night (12 June) Scouts (101/2 -141/2 years olds), Explores (141/2- 18 years olds) and Network members (18-25 years olds) took part in debate.

In attendance was John Grogan, Labour Party, Robbie Moore, Conservative and Unionist Party and Vaz Shabir, Independent. John Wood, Green Party sent his apologies.

A husting is a meeting where election candidates or parties debate policies and answer questions from the audience. Husting provides an opportunity to hear the views of candidates or parties. At scout we do not promote any candidate or party because, they all can speak and be questioned. The young people asked questions around key properties for Keighley, support for Scouting, NHS, National Service and who they thought would win the Euros.

The young people who take part get a represent badge which forms part of the You Shape Award. They will also get the Changemaker blanket badge. Designed in collaboration with young people and volunteers, support the campaign and show you’re changemaker.

Toby Hammond- County Youth Commissioner and Husting Host commented: "It was a pleasure to be able to host this event, making sure our young people’s voices are heard during this election period. The young people did so well to come up with such a wide range of issues which directly affect them."

Keighley Scout Leader said: "Scouting is all about giving young people skills for life, this Youth husting promoted democratic education and representation which is important. The young people really enjoyed this event."

This is in line with the launch of the Scout’s Manifesto calling for the government to support young people and volunteers in shaping a brighter future. Developed with young people and volunteers, it calls for policies to help young people and support our communities. The manifesto is not about politicising Scouts or supporting any one party. It’s a tool for influencing the government to create a better tomorrow for our young people and volunteers. And we’re taking a cross-party approach to make it happen.


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