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Rotary Club of Ilkley Wharfedale handover cheque to Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks

Rotary help fund children’s bins at Ilkley playground


As part of plans to provide more effective litter collection and education in Riverside Memorial Gardens, Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks have agreed with Bradford Council, who own the park, that high capacity bins currently in the playground area will be released in the wider park area to help with the lack of capacity there, and new children’s bins will be put in the playground area bins.


The children’s bins are fun and will hopefully encourage children to always think about putting their litter in the bins where these are available.  While the “Friends” have applied to the Community Asset Fund for some of the funding for this project, the Rotary Club have agreed to help make up the difference.


Ed Duguid, Chair of Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks said;” We really appreciate the Rotary Club stepping in and helping us out with this project. It is important that we ensure we do not repeat some of the problems we have with litter in the Park during the summer and have sufficient capacity in the main Park where people like to picnic. At the same time, it is an opportunity to work with parents to get the right messages across to young people as early as we can. A double whammy if you like!”


The bins will arrive in the Playground area of the Park in advance of a major renewal project for the Playground area, which will be fully launched shortly.


Marilyn Ginn, the President of the Rotary Club said;” It is a pleasure for the Rotary Club of Ilkley Wharfedale to be supporting an initiative that is of benefit to the children's play area as well as being so worthwhile for the town and its visitors.  Many of our membership live locally and we will be able to see how our donation has been spent when we visit the Riverside Park.”

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