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Bin collections in bad weather

Because of the predicted bad weather over the next few days, Bradford Council’s bin crews will be taking precautions.

If the weather does not deteriorate normal collections will be maintained throughout the district.

Obviously if there is a risk to crews or members of the public, a decision whether to press ahead or not will be taken on the spot.

After emptying each bin, the staff will lay them on their side to reduce the risk of the bin being blown into the road, causing danger to traffic.

Bradford Council is asking people to take their bin back to their property as soon as they have been emptied or at the earliest opportunity if they are not around at the time.

If anyone has an infirm or elderly neighbour could they please consider assisting them with their bin to get it back home as soon as possible. 

Bin crews will also be on the lookout for any problems such as flooding, unsafe property or trees and residents who need help because of the bad weather.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “At times like this we all need to look out for our neighbours and our bin crews will be on the alert for any problems the weather can throw at us.

“We are sure that neighbours will also be more than willing to help each other while the weather remains difficult.”

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