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Council Leader calls for Government flooding support


Bradford Council Leader Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe has called on the Government to provide support immediately for flooding victims at the hands of Storm Ciara.

Homes, businesses and property across the Bradford District were flooded, ruined or washed away as the storm hit all parts of the UK last weekend. In some cases it was not the first time properties had been flooded in recent years.

Cllr Hinchcliffe said: “Once again communities in the Bradford District have suffered the devastating effects of extreme weather, the worst locally since the Boxing Day floods of 2015.

“We are in the grip of a global climate emergency and, as a nation, it is time we stopped treating weather events like this as exceptional. They are no longer once in a 100 years events. Sadly, as many people in Bradford District can testify, they are becoming a frequent occurrence.

“Not only do we need the Government to invest in flood defences and alleviation schemes in flood risk areas, to protect homes and businesses, we also need central government funding to be made available instantly to support homeowners, communities and businesses recover from the heartbreaking damage that flooding causes.

“I’m aware that there have been some improvements to the insurance system in areas that have been hit by flooding before, such as parts of West Yorkshire, through the Flood Re scheme. But there are still too many people who cannot get insurance against flooding, are not eligible for Flood Re or who live in areas that have never flooded before. They desperately need a show of support from government to ease their predicament - in addition to the fantastic support they are getting from their neighbours, communities, Council officers and voluntary and public sector organisations.

“I’m calling on Government to support us in setting up a Flood Resilience Grant scheme.  This needs to be set up at pace.  Home owners and businesses are having to deal with costs now and need help.  The sooner Government can give local residents and businesses this firm assurance the better.”

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