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Companionship at Christmas

Companionship at Christmas is Abbeyfield’s annual drive to help raise awareness of, and alleviate, the loneliness felt amongst older people in our communities across the festive period.

Christmas is about companionship, laughter, great food and making friends and Abbeyfield are opening the doors of its homes across the UK to celebrate Christmas with the older people in our communities who may have otherwise been alone.

The aim is to welcome in as many older people as they can, to make new friends and to make sure that everybody has somebody to celebrate Christmas with.

"It is estimated that 500,000 older people will be spending Christmas day alone and this simply isn’t on. At a time when others come together to share the festivities, we can do something about it and that’s why we open our doors. Last year we helped over 500 older people enjoy the warmth of Christmas and this year we want to do more."

If you, or anyone you know, is worried about being alone over Christmas, please do get in touch with us and join in the free Christmas events and celebrations.

They are offering free lunches during December until 1st January 2018. For those who wish to join them on Christmas Day there will be a small charge of £5 per person. Some activities may have a minimal charge.

So don’t be alone this Christmas, call your local Abbeyfield in Ilkley, 01943 886000, and join in the festivities.

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