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Bradford Council enforcement of the bin policy

From September 19, if residents leave excess waste next to their bin, it will not be taken away. After the bin has been emptied, side waste will be put in the bin ready for the next scheduled collection. Please also note that contaminated bins will not be emptied until the incorrect items have been removed.

Where residents continue to present excess or uncontained waste (side waste, not in the bin), overloaded bins (lid not closed or too heavy), or contaminated bins (wrong items in the bin), the collection crews will log/report issues via the in-cab technology.

The new in-cab technology helps the crews to collect more accurate information as they go on their rounds. It allows them to log any bins not presented, contaminated bins and bins they are unable to empty ie. too heavy or contaminated. The collection lorries now have 360 degree cameras and the crews also wear body cameras.

Where residents persistently present bins in the incorrect way, the Council reserves the right to take appropriate enforcement action. The Domestic Waste and Recycling Policy will be enforced. (

Further details can be found if you follow this link

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