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Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry award for Ilkley businessman

David Butterfield, past Chairman of Optident LTD in Ilkley won the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Dentistry’ award at the ‘Industry Awards 19’ in London.

Optident LTD was formed in 1987 by David Butterfield along with his wife Kathy, son Tim and daughter Tessa. This Yorkshire based company was forged on the back of David’s extensive career in the dental business the knowledge and the relationships he had built globally.  Optident still to this day pioneers’ innovations in the UK and has always had an international reputation as a leader in its field.  Now as part of a global leader in medical supplies, the company continues to go from strength to strength lead by Tim Butterfield and his team.

As a crusader in this field, David Butterfield single handily took on the government and injected millions of his own money to help teeth whitening products be legalised for use by dentists in the UK.  He changed the face of dentistry in so many ways and subsequently is an inspiration and a celebrated global ambassador for the dental world.

David Butterfield commented ‘It’s important for dentists to be kept up to date with products, and therefor our focus on further education has proved to be an invaluable asset to the company and our customers.’


Son Tim added ‘We pride ourselves on the service we offer our customers – we have the utmost confidence in our products and work closely with dentists, building productive and long-lasting professional relationships’

Optident has employed many local people in the Ilkley area since 1990 as well as a UK wide sales team.  It holds its position as a high end knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals, offering educational service to dentists, introducing them to the latest technology and techniques from around the world. Their in-house lecture theatre is used for post graduate courses.

David lives for his family and his beliefs and had the full support of his devoted wife Kathy.  David helped Kathy fight cancer over the last 13 years as it returned numerous times, always finding ways in advanced medicine to try and give her life longevity.  Sadly, they lost that fight just before Christmas last year 2018. 

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