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Friends of Ilkley Moor express their appreciation to emergency services

The Friends of Ilkley Moor have reiterated Sunday afternoon the police message that people should not go on the Moor at the moment.


The fire that started at about 3pm yesterday is under control, but not fully out.  Cowpasture Road from the Craiglands Hotel is closed over to Burley Woodhead, as is Wells Road (opposite Darwin Gardens).


The fire has affected an area of the Moor, roughly speaking from White Wells through to Backstone Beck and from the Rocky Valley down to the Tarn.


It is suspected that the fire was accidentally started by some 13/15 year old boys who were having a campfire either in or near the stand of Scots Pine Trees below the Rocky Valley.  This emphasises the great danger of any fire or barbecue on the Moor during this very dry weather.


A spokesperson for The Friends of Ilkley Moor said 'they can only express their appreciation to the members of the emergency services who have now brought this fire under control.'

'It is probable that the danger of the fire restarting will probably remain until the rainy weather that is forecast for later this week.'

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