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Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks to hold an open forum

Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks is a new Group which has been set up to work with the Council with the aim of improving the Parks and Recreational areas beside the River Wharfe in Ilkley and  developing new ideas on how the Park areas can better serve the residents of Ilkley and District and others who come to visit Ilkley


The Group’s Interim Committee has been working on plans to improve the Parks in Ilkley along the River Wharfe. We promised those who have so far shown an interest in this long term project that we would hold a public meeting to discuss what we have done so far to establish the Group and our initial ideas on what we think should be prioritised.


We will be holding an OPEN FORUM at the Clark Foley Centre in Ilkley, starting at 7:30pm on Thursday 15 November. We welcome anyone who is interested in making our Ilkley Parks, “Parks to be proud of”


The Interim Chair, Ed Duguid, has said; “At the meeting we would like to get feedback on our initial ideas for priorities and to find those in our community who feel they would like to be involved as well as the skills or knowledge they can bring to the Group. We are also keen to add to our small Committee so that the organisational side of FOIRP can be strengthened and we can move our plans along quicker”


If you think you would like to be involved in the work of this new group as it continues to develop its plans and starts to take action. Please do come to the meeting or register your interest by contacting the secretary at:

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