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Groups aim to improve Ilkley Riverside Parks

Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks is a new Group which has been set up to work with the Council with the aim of improving the Parks and Recreational areas beside the River Wharfe in Ilkley and  developing new ideas on how the Park areas can better serve the residents of Ilkley and District and others who come to visit Ilkley.


The Group has been developing Plans for the future of the Parks and will shortly be putting these out for further consultation to the Public and interested Groups. However, following on from the highly successful Litter Picks at the end of the summer  which helped clear away the unwanted rubbish and detritus which had been left by summer revellers in the Parks, they have begun to carry out small works which they believe will make a difference to the Parks areas while the bigger ideas are being developed.


On Saturday 17th November some “members” of FIRP set about planting three sack loads of bulbs on the embankment by the steps at the War Memorial end of Riverside Park. The area was cleared of leaves and Ivy and the bulbs were put in place, which will hopefully lead to an amazing array of different types of Daffodil when the Spring arrives, brightening up the area by that entrance to the Park.


The Interim Chair, Ed Duguid, said “This was a great example of public spirited citizens from the Town looking to highlight the fantastic facilities it has. The Group will be planning more events for the Spring, and behind the scenes planning bigger projects, along with the Council and other partners, which will seek to address and redress the deteriorating assets within the Parks areas, as well as looking at potential improvements.


The Group are always willing to listen to people’s views on the Parks’ areas by the River and would encourage anyone who is interested in their work to join FOIRP and get involved."


If you think you would like to be involved in the work of this new group as it develops its plans and takes action, please contact the Interim Chair at: or contact the Secretary, Steve Singleton at:

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