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Olicanian CC trustee James Turner, left,
An Ilkley architect has offered to design Olicanian Cricket Club’s new pavilion for free


Bill Horsley, of Owler Park Road, Ilkley, has started working with the club’s committee and early discussions on what will replace the structure that was destroyed by arsonists in August have taken place. Mr Horsley is a partner in Horsley Townsend Architects which has offices in Ilkley and Wetherby.


OCC trustee James Turner, who is leading the rebuild project said: “We’re enormously grateful to Bill Horsley for his generous offer. Bill is a very experienced and imaginative architect and we are confident that whatever he comes up with will be both practical and attractive. “For him to have come forward in this way is typical of how the people of Ilkley and beyond have come to our aid during what has been the most difficult time in the club’s 97-year history.”


Mr Horsley said: “I am very pleased to be involved with OCC and, with help from its savvy committee members, hope to be one of many people working to deliver a great replacement pavilion which will signify a long, optimistic and successful future for the club.”

The remains of the former pavilion have yet to be cleared. Security fencing has been placed around the wreckage and specialist contractors are due to start clearing the site in the next two weeks.


A detailed flood risk assessment has been commissioned and positive early conversations have taken place with planners, the England and Wales Cricket Board and Bradford Council, the club’s landlord.


“Many of the regulations governing a building like this have changed in the years since our former pavilion was built so we are having to incorporate these new standards into whatever design we come up with,” said Mr Turner.


“Some of these things add to the complexity and cost of coming up with a replacement but we shall tackle them one by one and, hopefully, come up with something that does the job,” he said.


The club has set itself a target of having a new pavilion ready for use by the start of the 2021 season and hopes to settle on a design before Christmas.


“We’re aiming to submit a planning application to Bradford Council by the end of the year, although much will depend on getting agreement on the design from all the people and organisations involved. We’ve made good progress so far and there’s a determination to ensure that we maintain that momentum,” said Mr Turner.

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