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Sarah Siddons of Sarah Siddons Financial Planning and Clive Allen from Westbrook Agency

BID directors wanted to develop its five year plan


Sarah Siddons of Sarah Siddons Financial Planning and Clive Allen from Westbrook Agency are the two latest local business owners who have applied to be voluntary directors of Ilkley BID Ltd.


The company is looking to recruit 12 voluntary Directors who have a broad range of experience and skills, to reflect the mix of businesses who will be contributors to Ilkley BID Ltd.


Helen Rhodes, BID Development Manager said “Some members of the Development Board are keen to stay involved however, new jobs, maternity leave and other circumstances mean we are looking to recruit some new people as Directors. Anyone who will be a levy payer can apply to be a director and I am keen to talk to anybody who would like more information about what this would entail.”


Sarah whose business has been based in Ilkley for 11 years commented “I’ve been watching the progress of the BID development for Ilkley for some time and would be delighted to get involved to help drive this initiative forward. I think it is a really good thing for Ilkley and hope everyone will get behind it.”


Clive who has lived and worked in Ilkley for 25 years added “I feel the Ilkley BID is a timely project coming just when Ilkley is ripe for serious business development. Ilkley has a broad and hugely talented skill set when it comes to retail, hospitality and the service sector and it needs shouting about. I grew up in Ilkley and over the last 25 years have based all my businesses here, why wouldn’t you, it’s not only a beautiful place to work but already has all the attributes a thriving business could ask for, they just need tapping in to. I'm confident my broad commercial experience and local knowledge will prove to be valuable to the board and members behind this 5 year plan to really put Ilkley on the map as a business and retail centre.”


Members applying to be Directors will be voted in at the first General Meeting which is being held on Thursday 16th May at 6.30pm at The Clarke Foley Centre and all levy paying members are welcome to attend.


Any queries should be directed to Helen Rhodes by email –

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