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Ilkley Kitchen wins prestigious award

The Ilkley Kitchen are overjoyed to be winners of the prestigious 3 Star Great Taste Award for their fat free and flour free Orange and Almond Cake.

Marcella Mullan from Ilkley Kitchen said ‘The first time this bake came out of the oven we had a feeling that there was something special about it. It was an exciting moment - discovering something unique, delicious, flour free and fat free too.’

‘It was a labour of love developing that initial bake and we are thrilled that its excellence has been recognised with a 3 Star Great Taste Award. Out of 12,772 entries only 208 products achieved a 3 star this year!’ 

To try a slice of the cake, and support local businesses in Ilkley, the cake is available at J Reserve, Friends of Ham, La Statzione and Cafe J.

For any further enquiries on the products and services they offer visit the website, or find Ilkley Kitchen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @theilkleykitchen

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