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FOIRP launch Ilkley Playground Project

The recently formed group, Friends of Ilkley Riverside Parks (FOIRP) have this week announced the launch of its Ilkley Playground Project - to update, improve and make the play area at the Ilkley Riverside Memorial Gardens the most inclusive playground around.

Managed by FOIRP’s newly appointed social media and fundraising coordinator, Rachael Robinson, who started and led the Burley in Wharfedale Playground Project in 2016/17, the aim is to raise £200,000 and Rachael has already been liaising with children at the park to see what equipment they would like, including adventurous equipment for older youths and facilities for youngsters with special needs - making Ilkley Playground a gateway to the community for everyone.

Rachael told Ilkley Chat ‘This is going to be a positive Project which I hope to have completed within 18 months - the support of the local community is paramount and I’m sure it’ll bring people from all around the town together.’ 

‘Burley Playground Project has been beautifully looked after - and despite it being a magnet for anti social behaviour prior to the refurb, after 2 years since completion, it is now a loved and enjoyed hub for everyone.  I was born in Ilkley and it’s an absolute pleasure to return here and settle after almost 30 years - I’m really looking forward to putting a source of enjoyment for everyone - back in to the heart of our community’

The project will ‘go live’ this Friday on Facebook and will be followed by consultations with local schools, nurseries and community groups, involving children of all ages and abilities.  

Volunteers are now needed to make up a small team dedicated to this project.  Should anyone like to be involved - businesses, groups, teams or individuals then please contact Rachael via email

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