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Ilkley Town Council to increase precept

After lengthy discussion and much consideration, Ilkley Town Council has taken the decision to increase the precept for 2019/20 to £330,615. A Band D household in Ilkley currently pays £40.39 per year to fund the important and valuable work of the Town Council. This will rise to £46.60 per year which means that each such household will pay only 90p per week in total.

The Council has taken the difficult decision to make this increase in order to protect Ilkley’s facilities and services from the cuts that have been announced by Bradford Council. Last year, Bradford Council took the decision to close all public toilets. The Town Council stepped in and saved the toilets from closure and has since funded improvements of the toilets which include the current re-roofing of the central car park toilets. The Town Council also makes a significant financial contribution to the Visitor Information Centre to avoid losing the service and also subsidises flower bed planting amongst many other things.

The precept is the only fund that is spent entirely in and for Ilkley and the Town Council feels that it offers excellent value especially when you consider almost £30 per week is paid in Council Tax directly to Bradford Council by each Band D household. Its fourteen Councillors are all volunteers and do not receive an allowance. The Council is already responsible for the public toilets at White Wells and for Darwin Gardens and we ensure that the town maintains its wonderful lighting display throughout the year.

The Town Council also makes many awards to local not-for-profit organisations through its Awards and Projects Committee and holds some fantastic annual community events.

Bradford Council have already announced new cuts in street cleansing, parks and libraries for the whole of the district. The Town Council has to be prepared to take steps which may be necessary to protect Ilkley from the effects of these cuts.

By agreeing its budget for 2019-20, the Town Council will continue to make significant contributions to the life and fabric of our wonderful town and be prepared to do more in future.

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