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Bradford Council election candidates for Ilkley confirmed

The list of five candidates who will fight to take one of the three Ilkley ward seats on Bradford Council next month has been announced.

The local elections on 5 May will see a third of seats in the Council chamber contested – one for each of Bradford’s 30 wards.

Bradford, like many Councils, operates on an election cycle that sees every Councillor face re-election every four years. For three of the four years there is an election for one of the three seats in each Council ward, while the fourth year is election free.

This year’s election will also see a referendum on the ballot in Ilkley, residents will be asked their opinion on the newly drafted Ilkley Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The candidates for the Ilkley ward are:


BROWN, Ros – Green Party

GIBBONS, Mike – Independent

JONES, Caroline Rosemary – Liberal Democrats

LOY, Andrew John Patrick – Conservative and Unionist Party

SCAIFE, George – Labour Party

Further details about the elections in the Bradford District are available on the council website:


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