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Candidates revealed for May local elections

On Thursday 2nd May Ilkley residents will go to the polls to vote in the local elections.

30 of the 90 district councillor seats on Bradford Council will be up for grabs, one representing Ilkley, Labour currently has a large majority on Bradford Council, with 53 out of the 90 Council seats.

Residents to the west of Ilkley will be asked to vote between two candidates to fill a vacancy on Ilkley Town Council.

West Yorkshire as a whole will vote for the new West Yorkshire Mayor.

The list of candidates are:


Baldwin, Michael Andrew – Labour Party

Briggs, John – Liberal Democrat

Brown, Ros – Green Party

Hawkesworth, Anne Gillian – Independent

Sugden, Joanne – Conservative Party


Brown, Ros – Green Party

Sellars, Jane – Conservative Party


Brabin, Tracy Lynn – Labour and Co-operative Party

Buxton, Bob –Yorkshire Party

Cooper, Andrew Varah – Green Party

Craven, Arnold Eric – Conservative Party

Golton, Stewart – Liberal Democrats

Tilt, Jonathan Richard – Independent

Further details of the elections on Thursday 2 May 2024 are available on the Bradford Council website:

It is likely to be the first of two elections this year, a General Election in which local MPs will be decided is expected to take place before the end of the year.


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