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Christian Aid Week funding goes online

Traditionally, the second week in May has been a week for giving, with the familiar sight of Christian Aid collectors around Ilkley.

For over 60 years it has been a way to channel support from the UK to people and communities across the world, always with a view to helping the poorest of the poor. The familiar little red envelope has enabled people of all faiths and none to support their neighbours across the world.

The current coronavirus emergency has changed our lives dramatically. As well as lockdown restrictions, it’s also given us space for a tremendous out-pouring of generosity and kindness. But it has also meant that a lot of us have been absorbed in dealing with what’s going on in our own communities.

The reality is that many of the world’s poorest countries are also battling the virus, on top of all the other problems they currently face. If the needs of the world’s poorest people were great before, they are now massively greater. One UK government official commented this week that the coronavirus situation in some countries could set back the development progress that has been made by as much as 30 years.

This year Christian Aid Week starts on 10th May. Things will be different, but it will still happen. Your generous support is needed more than ever.

Churches Together in Ilkley said: "So, in Ilkley, there will be no little red envelopes or street collections this time, but we have set up a JustGiving page to channel local giving instead. Please go to to make a donation. There will also be a quiz (with Fairtrade prizes) available on line from the Churches Together in Ilkley website (, or by e-mail from

Last year in Christian Aid Week Ilkley raised around £4600 Let’s see if we can do even better during this year of lockdown."


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