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District Councillors praise the children, young people and youth services in Ilkley

Ilkley District Councillors, Kyle Green and Mike Gibbons, have sent this message praising the children & teenagers across the Ilkley area.

'The current 'lockdown' in the United Kingdom brings many challenges for people of all ages and demographics. One of the groups most impacted by everything that is going on in Ilkley, and further afield is our children & teenagers, a group of people we have worked to support through our roles as trustees of Ilkley Youth and Community Association.' 'As a society, we can sometimes be too quick to criticise the young, yet in this crisis the young people of Ilkley have been a shining example of everyone working together to get through this tough time. Indeed in this spirit of accepting the need to socially distance, and if necessary self-isolate, comes at a time when many young people will be feeling great uncertainty. For example, Councillor Green’s young daughter is now, like all school-age children, having to adjust to a world without seeing her friends or going to school, whereas only a few weeks ago we were enjoying meeting her friends and going outside to help with community efforts to plant a new orchard in Ilkley.' 'Perhaps more troubling for many young people is the uncertainty surrounding exam results, university places, moving up to high school or simply the fact that they don't know when they will be back in school. Despite all of this, the fantastic rainbows, chalk messages on the street and many more selfless acts by children and young people have brought great joy to many in Ilkley and we want to thank them for accepting the current need to stay at home and facing up so bravely to the challenges this brings. Parents of course are playing a very vital role in helping and encouraging our young. It's certainly not easy for anyone, and our children need good guidance and mentoring through this time of uncertainty and perhaps boredom.'

'Finally, it must not be forgotten what a fantastic job the many people associated in working with young people are doing to help them get through this time, including schools right across Ilkley working hard to provide meals for families in need, while providing a safe place for children so that key workers can continue their vital work. The fantastic online videos that many groups have created to brighten up children's days are a great help. Workers from the likes of Bradford Council's youth service are also helping children in Ilkley and across the district & there are many, many other examples around to inspire us.'

Councillors Kyle Green and Mike Gibbons


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