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History reveals garden was bequeathed to the town

Glenwood Gardens, Ilkley with Friends of Glenwood Garden inset

Last week plans for a radio mast on a public space, Glenwood Gardens, off Grove Road in Ilkley were withdrawn by developers, an area the developers called a green verge.

Objections to the mast were led by Friends of Glenwood Gardens (FOGG), Ilkley Town Council and Ilkley Civic Society (ICS) and Robbie Moore MP.

Alex Cockshott, a local historian and ICS member uncovered the origins of this spot named Glenwood Gardens: “John Edward Crowther, resident of Wilton Rd, in the 1940 's bequeathed it as a memorial park to the town, since 1947 two benches have been installed, maintained and replaced. “

For 15 years members of FOGG informally maintained this garden with support from Bradford Council and last Saturday the friends had a tidy up of the garden and planted Spring bulbs. A spokesperson for the friends said: “The work of Ilkley Civic Society cannot be underestimated in all planning matters and we urge residents to support other ongoing conservation issues by enrolling as members.”

Visit the Ilkley Civic Society website for further information about becoming a member:

Friends of Glenwood Gardens


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