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'Hugely troubling' says Ilkley councillor

Ilkley Councillor Ros Brown, who is a Steering Group Member of Aire Valley Against Incineration, has voiced her dismay in the Ilkley Gazette after the Environment Agency this week announced it was ‘minded to issue’ a permit for the controversial waste incinerator plant in Keighley.

She said: “This draft permit decision is hugely troubling for the health of our local communities and sensitive Ilkley Moor environment. We know this extra incinerator capacity is not needed and risks diverting waste away from recycling. When I raised this issue with Ilkley Town Council over three years ago I expressed my concern that local people will be left meeting the health, environmental and associated financial costs of this proposed development. Now is the time for improving our air quality, preventing respiratory diseases, minimising the waste we generate as well as improving biodiversity and the capacity for carbon capture on Ilkley Moor. The first stage of this consultation in 2018 saw over 2000 responses submitted to the Environment Agency including those sent by Ilkley and Ben Rhydding residents. I urge people to scrutinise this draft permit and ask for the evidence supporting the decisions it is based on. The fight is not over and we owe it to current and future generations and our planet to make our voices heard in this final consultation stage.”

Read the full article in the Ilkley Gazette.


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