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Ilkley MP statement: Ilkley Pool & Lido

Speaking after the meeting on Friday organised by The Ilkley Pool and Lido CBS group to discuss how to secure the future of the Ilkley Pool and Lido, Ilkley MP Robbie Moore has released this statement.

“Since 1935, Ilkley Lido has served as one of the crowning jewels of our town, supporting community wellbeing, sport, leisure and tourism in Ilkley. For the Council to close or reduce services at the Lido ahead of its 90th anniversary next year would be a travesty, and I commend residents for coming together to ensure our pool is protected.

I share the view amongst many residents that our community is being unfairly singled out by the Council in its budget proposals, particularly considering the substantial amount of council tax revenue Ilkley contributes relative to other parts of the District. 

It is also important to note that Ilkley Town Council would be in a much stronger position now had it not already decided to invest residents’ money in an unpopular 20mph scheme.

Community Ownership of the Lido is an option, and it was great to attend tonight’s heavily subscribed event in which community ideas were put forward. The Ilkley Lido, Pool and the surrounding site really is a fantastic community asset which is yet to be utilised to its full potential, so it was great to hear the suggestions put forward tonight. 

I urge residents to continue to submit their comments to the Council’s budget consultation and look forward to working with local residents to ensure our community assets are protected long into the future.”


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