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Ilkley MPs bid to make constituency more inclusive

Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore

Keighley and Ilkley MP Robbie Moore has outlined his bid to change the name of the ‘Keighley’ constituency to ‘Keighley and Ilkley’ to make the name of the constituency more inclusive.

At the moment, the constituency is officially referred to as ‘Keighley’ on all Parliamentary records and during general elections, however many northern parts of the constituency have little affiliation to Keighley town.

Since before his election, Robbie has made the conscious decision to refer to the constituency as ‘Keighley and Ilkley’ to create an inclusive environment and to ensure that all residents within our area felt represented.

The Boundary Commission for England, which is running a consultation into new proposed boundaries for English constituencies, is also responsible for names of constituencies. Robbie is using this opportunity to lobby the commission to change the name and is encouraging other local residents to do so.

Commenting Robbie said: “We have two defined areas within our constituency – Keighley and Ilkley. Both towns have a rich history with their own unique offerings. It is only right that both areas are represented in the name of the constituency to give more ownership to all local residents and to make sure that no part of our constituency feels forgotten about or left behind. I need as many people as possible to respond to the consultation in support of this change.”

The Boundary Commission consultation is now live and runs until 1 August 2021. Comments can be made here:


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