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Local charity chosen to launch major pandemic project

Ilkley and District Good Neighbours has been selected to operate an important project which will find out how people in the Wharfedale area are coping with the Covid virus along with the various measures that have been put in place to try and control it.

Working in partnership with Community Action Bradford and District, the charity will collate information from individuals through its new project called Test and Trace Engagement. The data will then be fed back to a central control point at Bradford Council who will then assess and clarify areas which people may not fully understand, address the key issues, and alter any aspects which might help things work in a better way.

Backed with Government funding, the Test and Trace Engagement project is part of a number of measures by the Council to assist it to get the right messages across to residents in each of its local district areas.

“We want to hear your views about the pandemic and how been it’s affecting you” said Good Neighbours Manager Lucy Steer, who will be co-ordinating the project in the Wharfedale area.

“This isn’t about tracing people who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. Instead it’s aimed at finding out how residents in the area are coping with the various measures that have been put in place to get this virus under control.

“These are difficult times as we know, and people are often understandably uncertain about what is happening and the ways in which it may be affecting their lives.“ said Lucy.

“We would like to hear from anyone who may have had problems understanding any aspect of the virus, how they’re dealing with the current restrictions, and what might not be working for them, whether it’s self-isolating, going out to exercise, using a face covering, visiting the shops, or simply where they can go to find things out.

“The information we gather will hopefully help Bradford Council build up a better picture of how well people may, or may not, be coping and the Council can then look at the issues raised and consider how it might help improve matters.

“Anyone who would like to take part and comment about elements they may find difficult to understand, or make suggestions on how they feel things could be improved, can send an e-mail to our Test and Trace Engagement project at “ said Lucy.

If you do need extra support of any kind during this period you can call the Bradford Pandemic Helpline on 01274 431000.

If you require a Covid-19 test please visit the NHS website or call 119.


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