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Mayor reminds residents help is available

Need help or are worried about someone else? The Ilkley Corona Response team can be contacted by calling 07375 803 693 or go online at

Ilkley's Town Mayor, Cllr Mark Stidworthy, said today that 'Ilkley’s response to coronavirus continues to deserve our collective gratitude and praise.'

He continued: 'Hundreds of volunteers have come forward to work with established organisations across the town or in support of the NHS. Last week leaflets were delivered to every household giving access to local information. An amazing group has been sewing day and night to produce a hundred sets of surgical scrubs to meet the need of local doctors, and others have been busy raising funds. This is on top of the day-to-day deliveries of food and prescriptions, and the important task of ensuring that the lonely and vulnerable hear a friendly voice on the telephone as our isolation continues. Local doctors, nurses and carers continue to show incredible courage and perseverance in the face of unrelenting pressure, and workers in local and national businesses have been working round the clock to keep households supplied.'

'Within the Ilkley Corona Response team, regular virtual meetings, information-sharing and a clear structure make sure that grassroots knowledge about local needs is harnessed, and reaches key partners such as Bradford Council, enabling resources to be targeted most effectively.'

'The number of coronavirus cases in the Bradford district continues to grow, and our thoughts go out to all those who have been affected. Slowing virus transmission in the community remains crucial to protecting the NHS and saving lives. We can all continue to play our part by staying at home and going out only if essential.'

Cllr Stidworth ended by saying: 'If you are in Ilkley and need help or support the telephone number is: 07375 803 693 or go online to: You can also volunteer by this route.'


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