New LED street lights to be installed in Ilkley

New LED lighting will be controllable remotely, be able to connect a wide range of sensors reading air pollution and road temperatures and will reduce energy use.  

Bradford Council has taken its plan to install energy-efficient street lighting across the district a step further by recruiting a strategic delivery partner to support its ambitious programme.

Costain, the smart infrastructure solutions company with expertise in  energy, water and transport has been awarded a £2m contract to manage the project.

The Council’s Smart Street Lighting project will see 59,000 lights replaced with new LED lights and 17,000 lampposts replaced across the district. The new street lights will also be controllable remotely to adjust the times they operate or their.

The project will reduce the Council's street lighting power consumption by 65 per cent and its carbon emissions by over 6,000 tonnes per year, making a significant contribution to its work to tackle climate change. It will also save taxpayers an estimated £189m over 50 years.