Residents urged to help beat Covid-19 and lockdown threat

Council and health leaders are calling on every resident in the Bradford District to play their part in tackling Covid-19 so we can beat the virus.

As with other areas of the UK and Europe, Bradford is starting to see a rise in infection rates again and is now an outlier on the Government’s watch list. This brings a real concern that if rates rise further in the district it could prompt local lockdown measures, similar to those imposed on Leicester, which would have a drastic impact on businesses and the economy.

Nationally, lockdown measures have eased, but there is a real fear that some people might think this means the pandemic is over and that Covid-19 is no longer a threat. This is not the case. Covid-19 is still around, is still infecting people, and is still killing people.

The Council is ramping up its response to a possible Covid-19 spike, and this week will see hundreds of wardens and council staff out in city and town centres, neighbourhoods and visiting premises to urge them to stay safe.